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Solstice Initaitve is the first provider of community-based solar power to any American that cannot install a rooftop array. 


Households can sign up to participate in a shared solar farm and save money by supplimenting a portion of their electric use before drawing from their standard utility company — no upfront cost, no rooftop, and no installation required.

The Problem

Community shared solar is the first solution for renters, but also entails higher customer turnover versus the more permanent assets of rooftop solar.  Without a visible solar array on the roof, customers lack the tangibility of solar benefits that traditional clients have. Solstice panels are out-of-sight, therefore out-of-mind.

The Report

ENERGY USED:  A gauge that tells users how much of their solar share's alloted electricity they've used, with a gauge to give them a visual concept.

SAVED:  A number representing how much money users have saved.

ROLLED OVER:  A number representing how much money users have rolled over to use for next month's billing cycle in the event that they don't use their share in its entirety.

CARBON REDUCED:  A statistic that tells users how they've reduced their carbon footprint by using Solstice Initiative.

Solstice Savings Report

The Solution

With the Solstice Savings Report, customers can be reminded, at the touch of a button, that Solstice Initiative is constantly working for them.


Upon logging in, users will be greeted by a "month-to-date" account of the four most important components of being a Solstice Initiative member, all with real-time statistics.  The following page, accessed by swiping left, will represent the same compenents in a "year-to-date" format.

Note: the font used in this application was requested by the client.

Profile and Achievements

In the profile section, users can see achievements they've earned and have yet to earn, which will encourage them to keep using Solstice Initiative by showing money saving, environment aiding milestones that they have achieved, or will achieve, by using this service.

Bonus: Concept Sketches

These sketches illustrate the original idea for the mobile app solution.  Originally, I had included graphs and charts to compare the user's current progress to the best numbers they've had for the corresponding month or year.  Those features were removed to avoid confusion and keep focus on the points that matter most:  how much resources you're saving for your wallet and the planet.

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