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My name is Garett, and you're exploring my portfolio. Come in, sit down, look around, and leave some positivity.
I'm a UX researcher and UI designer with an endless curiosity for learning and exploration.  I’m also a parkour practitioner.  My passion for both lies in approaching obstacles and finding the most creative ways to get successful results from them, even if those results are simple and clean.  That said, let's talk about the one that hasn’t come close to breaking any of my bones yet. 
Throughout my life, I’ve been fascinated with aesthetics, people, and the way they compel each other.  With several years experience as a UX/Product Designer on small teams, I'm confident as a generalist in roles where I own the product from concept and research to final pixel-perfect design, with processes that include multiple stakeholders, departments, and project planning, all of which I'd love to chat about.

In my latest role, I've made a point of championing accessibility in design, which has been a continuous learning experience as I implement and audit for ADA compliance, and practice designing for neurodiversity across users.

Garett Langer
Garett Langer Parkour
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