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SessionM integrates marketing automation and data management capabilities with loyalty marketing to drive personalized consumer relationships through the mobile device and across channels.  

The Challenge

The Customers Module


Within SessionM's proprietary content management system, I was tasked with building their Customers Module, a module within the CMS that would allow their clients, on a global scale, to manage their customers information, including demographics, targeting, reporting, activity, and more.

Customers Module Profile Page

The Profile


While I built every feature of the Customers Module from the ground up, we'll only be examining a fraction of it. Because lawyers.  The concept behind the customer's profile information, was that each individual client would be able to customize what of the total collected information they valued most and display it for their customer service representatives accordingly.

Version 1.0

Exploring the initial build

The customer profile page displays three sections:  basic info, user profile attributes, and communication preferences.  Each section is a condensed version of their respective total information groups. Clicking the "edit" button in the top right would expand those values into inline editable fields.  Upon filling in a value for a previously blank field and clicking "save," the field would then populate back into its respective section to be seen at all times.  This keeps all the fields without values hidden, thus not cluttering the page and making it easier for a customer service representative to see the values that matter.

The screens below illustrate the edit process, however for a better sense of what the V1 experience looks like, check out this Invision link

Version 2.0

Always thinking ahead

This version doesn't exist yet, but I wouldn't be doing my job if I wasn't constantly trying to improve upon what currently exists.  The idea behind this version is that the fields are constantly inline editable and the fields that you view would be completely customizable by dragging and dropping without leaving the page.  Selecting Edit in this version would bring in a side bar of fields and values that you could drag and drop wherever you'd like it on the page, easily ordering by what you think is most valuable, assuming you have the permissions to do so, of course.  This version may or may not come to be, but by dreaming it, it was able to inform some improvements to V1 and make an even better launch product.

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