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Transparent Language develops innovative technology and methods to enable faster and more reliable language-learning for professionals in organizations with critical language requirements, and for anyone else intent on becoming more proficient in another language. They provide instructors with unique tools and improve language program management with comprehensive reporting, not just offering their own courses, but technology designed to strengthen and leverage every course and curriculum.  While enjoying your tour of my work at TL, please keep in mind that most of this came from 2010 and has an appropriate aesthetic for its time.  Yeah, I'm talking about skeumorphic.

Rapid Rote


The most powerful and personal language-learning tool ever built.


I was tasked with redesigning the sell page for Transparent Language's language-learning software, Rapid Rote, which had received significant updates to both design and functionality.  The sell page launch correspond with the product update.

TL Homepage


The face of serious web and

mobile language-learning


The design team was tasked with redesigning Transparent Language's home page.  The previous site still had a very early 2000's feel to it and, after some consumer research and feedback, it was decided that the time was right (overdue) for a more modern update (at the time).

Landing Page



Unifying a product in one place


Transparent Connect combines technology and online personal instruction to deliver a complete language-learning experience.


Before the site's re-design, the product pages were so poorly organized that it took several clicks to find the option you were looking for.  I was tasked with creating a single landing page to unify the three scattered product options that a user could select for Transparent Connect until the re-design was complete.

Package Design



Package design for the physical product


A former product, Transparent Language Deluxe Edition was a line of physical copies of 72 different editions for individual langauges.  I was tasked with working alongside a local print house to create package design from the ground up, with individual cultural variations for each of the 72 different languages.

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